Story of Chaos, Swiftly Changed to Gratitude

After my friends’ pick up truck was loaded with 4 sheets of plywood, a pallet and 24 bundles of shingles, I started to follow him to my house. We were on 1 of the busiest streets in Wilmington, NC during serious rush  hour, holiday traffic. At a stop light, my friend was slowly taking off and all of a sudden, all 4 sheets of plywood, the pallet and all the bundles come sliding right off the back of the truck into the street. I immediately stopped my car, put the flashers on and saw my friend calling 911 to get a cop to direct traffic. While doing this, his wife backed the truck up to the mess in the road. There was no possible way for any of us to reload the truck because of back problems. Then, by the grace of God, 3 angels came running out of nowhere, it seemed, and started loading the truck back up. While doing so, we were able to ask them where they were from and who they worked for. All three gentlemen, Raymond, David, and Todd, had the truck reloaded within 5 minutes, before a cop could even get there. We attempted to give them money for getting us out of a huge bind and all 3 absolutely refused, and we tried really hard to give it to them. They simply wished us a Merry Christmas and went back to where they came from. If it wasn’t for them, I probably would’ve had an ‘ugly’ cry moment, but instead, they put a smile on my heart. They are truly outstanding men who put my faith back into humanity and 3 men that your company should recognize and be grateful to have as employees.

Again, please thank them for us. It was definitely a panic moment and they literally saved the day…AND my materials that I had just bought!!!

Prism is Soliciting Subcontractor and Supplier Participation

Prism Contractors & Engineers, Inc. is soliciting subcontractor and supplier participation to bid the Town of Lyman Startex Gravity Sewer Rehabilitation Contract.  We encourage participation from minority-owned, women-owned or otherwise small, disadvantaged enterprises.

Town of Lyman Startex Gravity Sewer Rehabilitation
Bid Date: December 20th, 2018 @ 10:00 AM
Proposals Due: December 18th, 2018 @ 5:00 PM
Location: Town of Lyman, SC
Pre-Bid: An optional pre-bid conference on Wednesday, December 12, 2018 at 2:00 PM held at Town Hall, 81 Groce Road, Lyman, SC 29365.
Chief Estimator: Michelle Krewinghaus, 757-874-5670,
Scope of Work:
The Project consists of, but is not limited to, replacement of approximately 7,319 LF of 8-inch sewer line,
service reinstatements, and manhole installation.
Project Specs and Plans

The contract documents, plans, specifications, addenda, additional communications, responses to questions, etc. pertaining to the Invitation for Bids may be downloaded from Prism’s website at:

  • Prism Contractors & Engineers, Inc. is willing to break down or combine elements of work into economically feasible units to facilitate minority participation.
  • Prism Contractors & Engineers, Inc. is willing to review any responsible quote and will negotiate terms, if appropriate. We will notify your firm if your bid is accepted for this project.
  • Prism Contractors & Engineers, Inc. is willing to provide same unit pricing with our suppliers to help establish credit. If you need assistance with obtaining bonding, loan capital, lines of credit, insurance or joint pay agreements please contact us and we will review your needs and direct you to available agencies for assistance.
  • Prism Contractors & Engineers, Inc. will look at the possibility of a joint venture or partnership arrangement, if appropriate.
  • Prism Contractors & Engineers, Inc. pays twice monthly on submission of qualified invoice.

Enter for Your Chance to Win a 2018 Nissan Rogue S

Prism Contractors and Engineers, Inc. is continuing our fundraising efforts for the American Cancer Society.

Tickets are available for your chance to win a 2018 Nissan Rogue S or $20,000.

Please join our team in the effort to help fight cancer by contacting our office today at 757-874-5670 or email to purchase your tickets today.

Prism is Now Listed as a VDOT Prequalified Contractor

VDOT’s Highway Contractor Prequalification Program ensures that all contracts for the construction, improvement and maintenance of Virginia’s transportation system are awarded to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder.

Highway construction and maintenance contracts advertised and let by the Construction Division require prospective bidders to be prequalified.

The rules for prequalification reflect VDOT’s commitment to safety, quality construction, ability to perform, and increased competition.

Safety is an integral and essential part of becoming and remaining prequalified.  Prism has met the safety evaluation process which included industry standard Experience Modification Rate (EMR), OSHA 300 and 300A for three past completed years, contractor’s safety program and contractor’s safety violations by any governmental agency.

A contractor’s performance evaluations are based on an aggregate score of 85% or better and will be evaluated on every project every year. Also work history with current contracts on hand as a Prime and a Sub for past three years of completed projects.

Equipment that is readily available to perform the work and finances played an integral part in obtaining this status.

With this prequalified status Prism is eligible to bid and be awarded contracts with VDOT as a Prime Contractor.  In addition to prime contract work, contractor prequalification is also necessary for first-tier subcontractors unless otherwise indicated in the Contract.