David Reaves

Vice President & Founder

David has vast experience in the planning and design of civil engineering projects with a specific emphasis on utilities. He has done utility design for wastewater, water, stormwater, oil-waste, and fuel-oil. As President of Prism Contractors & Engineers, Inc., David is responsible for overseeing all of the firm’s projects.  Read More


Deborah Reaves

Chief Financial Officer

Deborah has extensive experience in the construction of buildings and subdivision development. She has worked with developers, municipalities, and contractors in all aspects from the initial development of raw land; the design and approval of plans; the construction of all site work; and the building of residential homes and commercial offices.  Read More


Aaron Tenney

President & Owner

Aaron has been with Prism since 2010 and over the years has developed a variety of engineering skills.  Aaron is extremely knowledgeable in the operation and maintenance of all our equipment and brings a strong work ethic to the team. Aaron is committed to meeting the needs of our customers.  Read More


Drew Alexander

Project Manager

Tami Chatterton

Human Resource Manager

Amanda Ireland


Paul Krieschen

Safety Manager

John Rynders



Jimmy Angelo

Lining Technician

Todd Barnes

Lateral Lining Foreman

Rickey Coleman

Manhole Rehab Technician

Joseph Eigenmann

Vactor Operator

David Etheridge

Lining Technician

Raymond Etheridge Jr.

Lining Superintendent

Raymond Etheridge Sr.

Lining Technician

Cody Faucher

Lining Foreman

Ted Faulk

Pipe Layer

Steven Foltz

Manhole Rehab Technician

Joel Grigsby

Vactor Operator

Josh Gwyn

Lining Technician

Emanuel Joshua

Cutter/TV Operator

George Kellow

Equipment Operator

Salesi Malamala

Lining Technician

Mark Murray


Sarah Newman

Accounting Assistant

Benjamin Neumayer

Manhole Rehab Technician

Charles Normandeau

Reliability Technician

Derrick Seay

Manhole Rehab Foreman

Terry Thompson


Jimmy Turley

Manhole Rehab Technician