This past week Prism performed rehabilitation for the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Regional Sewer Authority (HRRSA). Work included the rehabilitation of two manholes and installation of a new 4 ft diameter Pre-Cast Wall & Cone Section complete in place. Rehabilitation included spraying 1/2″ Calcium Aluminate Cementitious Spray (Hydrogen Sulfide Resistant Material), Injection Grouting and fill in around existing pipe connections & repair benches.  Work was completed for the Capital Improvement Interceptor Repair and Replacement Project.

The HRRSA is a public body politic and corporate organized under the provisions of the Virginia Water and Waste Authorities Act for the purpose of constructing, operating and maintaining facilities to collect and treat wastewater within its service area.

HRRSA’s collection and treatment facilities include the North River Wastewater Treatment Facility located in Mt. Crawford, Virginia, a pumping station serving the Town of Bridgewater, flow metering stations and an interceptor system consisting of approximately 19 miles with pipe sizes varying from 10 inches to 54 inches in diameter.