International Link Joins AutumnFest

Prism is pleased to announce International Link Trucks & Equipment, LLC has signed on once again to sponsor AutumnFest.

International Link Trucks & Equipment is an authorized equipment dealer offering a comprehensive range of new, used and custom refurbished vacuum trucks for sale.  They specialize in Combination Sewer Cleaners, Wet/Dry Industrial Vacuum Loaders / Air Movers, Hydro Excavation trucks, Jetters, Easement Machines and other municipal, sewer and industrial truck-mounted equipment serving both the domestic and international marketplace.  International Link Trucks & Equipment features brands such as the Super Products Supersucker, Mud Dog and Camel, Hi -Vac UltraVac, X-Vac and Aquatech, O’Brien, Vactor, Guzzler, HXX, Vac/All, Gap Vax, Vac-Con, Sewer Equipment Company of America, RamVac, VacMaster, Keith Huber, Presvac, Cusco, Tornado, Vector, Hurricane, Nuova Contec and many more.

We are thrilled to have them back at AutumnFest!

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