OD Utility Services 1

Prism Contractors and Engineers, Inc. has performed various projects at Fort Lee for Old Dominion Utility Services, Inc., a subsidiary of American States Utility Services.

  • Prism surveyed sewers throughout the base for the purpose of mainline rehabilitation.
  • Prism used Geodetic Control Network and Digital Leveling to establish horizontal and vertical control on 12 survey monuments that Prism installed in strategic areas to be utilized by field crews for sewer rehabilitation.  Prism post processed all of the data and submitted monument data sheets.
  • Prism conducted full survey and condition assessments on over 900 sanitary sewer manholes using MACP and PACP guidelines.
  • Prism CCTV inspected over 10,000 linear feet of pipe throughout the base.
  • Managed and inspected entire project to include installation of over 2400 feet of 30 inch sewer main.
  • Inspected the installation of 12 manholes and the necessary testing, including vacuum testing of the manholes and air testing the lines.
  • Oversaw the coating of new manholes with Permacast and Con-Shield to reduce the possibility of Hydrogen Sulfide affecting the structural integrity of the lines.
  • Managed and inspected all rehabilitation of sewer mains through the cured in place process.
  • Inspected all work for CIPP lining and coordinated all point repairs necessary on the sewer line in order for lining to take place.
  • Oversaw CCTV lateral assessments and will inspect the rehabilitation of all laterals.
  • Ensured the safety of all staff, attending pertinent meetings and coordinating roadwork and building notices necessary for completion of the work.