York County, VA

Prism Contractors and Engineers, Inc. has provided sewer rehab services to a number of locations throughout the county to include Lackey, Carver Gardens and Hollywood since 2011.

Prism’s efforts reduced the volume of inflow and infiltration that enters the sanitary sewer collection system during storm events.  Additionally, Prism’s application of Cured-in-place Pipe (CIPP) provided a cost-effective, trenchless solution which minimized disruption to residents and traffic.


Carver Gardens Sanitary Sewer and Watermain Rehabilitation/Replacement

Hollywood Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation – Phase 1 Oriana Road (LS 21) – Hollywood Boulevard (PS 24)

Lackey Gravity Sewer Rehabilitation Project – Phase 1

MISC Clean and CCTV Inspection

Work Totals

CCTV Inspected ~466,661.5 LF and 358 laterals

Installed 13,622.4 LF of CIPP (8″-10″)

Reinstated 55 laterals

Installed 112 LMK Cleanout to Main Lateral CIPP Liners

Installed 50 T-Liners

Rehabbed ~816 VLF of manhole

Installed 73 Frame and Covers

Installed 43 Frame Seals

Installed 42 Inserts

Rebuilt 10 Bench and Inverts

Installed 41 Cleanouts