Prism Contractors and Engineers is a multi-discipline contracting and engineering firm with specialties in stormwater management, utility installation, rehabilitation and inspection services. Combined, our team has over 100 years of experience. To learn more about the services that we offer, click on the tabs below or view our downloadable brochures.

smoke_testing_pic_s_025-300x225.fwWe offer all types of civil engineering design from site plans to hydraulic models. We have completed projects involving water main extensions, gravity sewer installations, and storm drain rehabilitation. We have completed water, sewer and storm drain infrastructure surveys/ assessments at the municipal and federal level. Water assessments included location, fire hydrant flow testing, defect identification, and water modeling. Sewer assessments included surveying, pipeline assessments using CCTV technology, structure assessments, pump station assessments to include pump down testing, and smoke testing to identify inflow and infiltration. Storm drain assessments included surveying, structure assessments, pipeline inspections, and drainage basin identification.

Survey-227x300.fwPrism Contractors & Engineers, Inc. has multiple survey field crews to complete projects of any size. We use the latest equipment (2 Handheld GPS Units, 1 Robotic Unit, and 2 GNSS/GPS Surveying Systems) and technology (Carlson, AutoCAD and ArcView) to streamline our work and reduce cost to our customers. We have a licensed land surveyor to ensure quality control and make sure our work meets current surveying standards. Our surveying services include as-builts, construction stakeout, topographic, and planimetric.

Work Profile:

  • Modeling (Water, Sewer or Storm Drain):  12
  • Site Plans (Water, Sewer, Drainage, Pavement):  55
  • Surveys (Stakeout, Infrastructure):  80

Prism has trained over 399 people since June of 2009.



Master Trainer – David A. Reaves, P.E.

Developed by NASSCO, the purpose of the Manhole Assessment Certification Program and Pipeline Assessment Certification Program is to standardize the process by which manholes and sewer lines are evaluated.  A vital part of all assessment programs is thorough training on the various codes that will be utilized during future assessments and assurance that these codes are used properly.  All students who successfully complete the training course will be given a certification number that will be attached to any assessments that student provides. MACP/PACP certifications can be used as a requirement for municipalities in their project specifications.

Prism Contractors and Engineers, Inc. has trained professionals who are certified to offer NASSCO MACP/PACP Certification Classes.  Students who successfully complete the class will obtain their MACP and PACP Certifications and will be awarded with a NASSCO Certification Number and a Pictured Certification Card.

*If your firm has 4+ employees who need MACP/PACP Certification, our instructor will come to your office to conduct the training. You can even extend the invitation out to local business associates.  This option offers a significant savings to your business by eliminating travel costs.

Class Outline:

Day 1:  Introduction, Background to Technical Issues, Overview of Condition Categorization, Standard CCTV Inspection Form, Observation and Defect Coding

Day 2::  Operational Maintenance Defects, Construction Features, Miscellaneous Features, Course Review, & Sample Coding

Day 3:  Manhole Module, Lateral Module & Practical Tests

IMG_3022-flipped-300x200.fwOur inspection team is here to assess any aging utility system in your infrastructure. Many utility systems have exceeded their design life and the cost of reactive repairs continues to rise. Our team of professionals can identify the areas of greatest need that will help you to get the best return on your investment. We can also put together a comprehensive list with an accompanying cost estimate to help you better prepare for future budgets. The key to obtaining more funds is accurately identifying the problem areas and making recommendations for repair. Knowledge is power and we give that to you the second we step on site.  Once repairs have been determined, our team of professionals can ensure existing facility conditions are properly documented via pre-construction videos and proper installation is completed by performing construction inspection and post-television inspection of utilities both directly and remotely.  Our inspections services include the following:

Work Profile:

  • PACP Pipe Line Inspections:  ~4,907,679
  • LACP Lateral Inspections (EA): 7565
  • MACP Manhole Inspections (EA):  23,173
  • Zoom Camera Inspections:  44,300 LF
  • Construction Inspections (EA):  35
  • Grease Trap Inspections (EA):  725
  • Pump Station Inspections (EA):  114
  • Water Storage Tank Inspections (EA):  2

inspection-van-300x212.fwEvery system at some point in time needs to be evaluated. From storm drain to sanitary sewer systems, we can help you identify infrastructure problems, make repair recommendations, and estimate the cost of repairs. We have performed studies in a variety of locations from small municipalities to large military bases. In particular, we specialize in smoke testing, flow monitoring, night time flow isolation and dye testing.

Work Profile:

  • Smoke Testing: ~3,635,403.10  LF
  • Flow Monitoring: 105 Separate Locations
  • Night Time Flow Isolation: ~229,781LF 
  • Dye Testing: ~9,000 LF 

FlowMeter4.fw FlowMeter6-180x154.fw Smoke_Test_3-180x156.fw

Prism provides no-dig solutions for both structures and pipelines.  Deteriorated structures allow the transport of sediments which lead to sinkholes.  Our cementitious or epoxy products (Manhole Product Page) allows us to effectively seal the structure while greatly improving its structural capacity and long-term life.  Failing pipes create the same set of problems in addition to affecting pipe capacity.  Prism offers cured-in-place (CIP) point repairs and comprehensive (CIPP) for small and large diameter pipes.  Our cured-in-place (CIPP) solutions (Lining Product Page) are an excellent alternative to dig and replace and in many cases are a more cost-effective solution.  In addition, this method of trenchless repair brings optimal performance back to water and sewer systems without disruption above ground.

Work Profile:

  • Mainline CIPP Liner Length: 495,405
  • Laterals Reinstated (EA): 4,007
  • Lateral CIPP Liner Length: 68,127
  • Lateral Lining – T-Liner (EA):  2,468
  • Lateral Lining – LMK Performance Liner (EA):  893
  • LMK Vac-A-Tee (EA):  186
  • Inserta-Tees (EA): 159
  • Lined-Main-Tap (EA): 17
  • Manhole Rehab (EA): 7,837
  • Frame Seal – Manhole (EA): 1,668
  • Wet Well and Control Room Rehab (EA):  3

Includes everything from water, sewer, storm drain, and lighting installation to landscaping. Our engineering and construction staffs work closely together to ensure the most desirable outcome at a cost competitive price. Because of successful relationships with other companies, there is no project too big or small for us. We also strive to provide a product that is on time and without change orders to the customer. We believe that every project should be completed with the owner’s perspective in mind.

Work Profile:

  • Installed New/Repair/Replace Cleanout:  1,628
  • Repair/Replace Existing Frame & Cover:  1,581
  • Installed New Manhole:  4
  • Repair/Replace Lateral:  767
  • Raise Manhole Structures:  420


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