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NASSCO Traning and Certification Programs

Prism has trained over 399 people since June of 2009. We are authorized to instruct and certify people under NASSCO, the industry standard for trenchless technology education. We offer training in the Pipeline Assessment Certification Program, Lateral Assessment Certification Program, Inspector Training Certification Program, and Manhole Assessment Certification Program.

PACP Training

The Pipeline Assessment Certification Program (PACP) is designed for professionals to understand the various elements of pipeline defect identification. The course will provide standardization and overall consistency in the identification, evaluation, and management of pipeline conditions and defects.

LACP Training

The Lateral Assessment Certification Program (LACP) includes review of lateral inspection observation and defect coding criteria. It also involves active testing and scoring validation for lateral observation ranking and overall lateral asset ranking.

ITCP Training

The Inspector Training Certification Program (ITCP) program provides field construction professionals with comprehensive training to better understand and inspect trenchless pipeline renewal technology. This training and certification program includes cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) and manhole rehabilitation, as well as other modern trenchless rehabilitation technologies.

MACP Training

The Manhole Assessment and Certification Program (MACP) is a program specifically designed for the grading of defects within manholes. As manholes are incredibly complex structures, the MACP uses coding and grading techniques to better evaluate and identify defects within manhole systems.

Trainer – David A. Reaves, P.E., L.S.

Developed by NASSCO, the purpose of the Manhole Assessment Certification Program and Pipeline Assessment Certification Program is to standardize the process by which manholes and sewer lines are evaluated. A vital part of all assessment programs is thorough training on the various codes that will be utilized during future assessments and assurance that these codes are used properly. All students who successfully complete the training course will be given a certification number that will be attached to any assessments that the student provides. MACP/PACP certifications can be used as a requirement for municipalities in their project specifications.

Prism Contractors and Engineers, Inc. has trained professionals who are certified to offer NASSCO MACP/PACP Certification Classes. Students who successfully complete the class will obtain their MACP and PACP Certifications and will be awarded a NASSCO Certification Number and a Pictured Certification Card.

Class Outline


Introduction, Background to Technical Issues, Overview of Condition Categorization, Standard CCTV Inspection Form, Observation and Defect Coding


Operational Maintenance Defects, Construction Features, Miscellaneous Features, Course Review, & Sample Coding


Manhole Module, Lateral Module, & Practical Tests

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