Engineering Inspection Equipment

WinCan V8

WinCan v8 transforms raw data into the intelligence you need to make maintenance decisions. Its intuitive interface grants easy access to information while enforcing consistent data entry. Single-click video and still image capture, plus annotation and measurement tools, ensure every observation is robustly documented. Sophisticated search functionality lets you sort observations by location, type, and severity, as well as perform statistical analysis. WinCan V8 also makes sharing intelligence easy.

Portable Mainline System

The ultimate in flexibility and capability! The Portable Mainline System package includes everything you need to inspect 4″ – 12″ diameter pipes. Easily transported in an all-terrain vehicle, pickup truck or SUV, this system is perfect for off-road inspections. Add accessories such as auxiliary light rings, high traction wheelsets and additional weights to increase your capabilities even further! This system is economical, ergonomic, and versatile.

Premium Mainline System

This package contains all the inspection equipment you need to conduct video inspections in 5″ – 48″ pipes. With the more powerful synchronized cable reel, 1,000 foot capability, larger and more powerful tractor, as well as ORPHEUS camera, you will be able to conduct inspections with speed and accuracy. The built-in cable winch lowers the tractor into the manhole, which reduces stress on personnel and helps prevent damage. This is the perfect system for contractors and cities who conduct normal mainline inspections, but require the capability to inspect larger lines.

LISY 3.0 Lateral Launch

The LISY system will inspect 3″ and larger lateral pipelines from the mainline using a steerable pan & tilt launch camera. The mainlines can be from 6″ to 36″ in diameter. The LISY has proven itself around the world to be the most capable and highest performing lateral launch system on the market today.

Mini-Push 20/20 Portable Mini-mainline System

The Mini-Push 20/20 uses proven video technology to view and record pipelines from 2” in diameter and larger and can operate with existing CUES PS2, PS3 and self-upright cameras. The 6.4” color LCD monitor is adjustable with a fold-down position for protection during transport and includes a sun shield for optimal viewing in sunlight. This lightweight system includes wheels for easy portability and a balanced footprint for stability.

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