Company Description:

FerraTex Services is a leading provider of wet-out services and Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP), CIPP liners, CIPP tubes and CIPP equipment. With facilities in New Jersey, Virginia, Florida, Tennessee and Nevada, FerraTex is able to provide wet-out and CIPP solutions anywhere in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Though founded in 2013, FerraTex represents the latest chapter in the story of Spiniello Companies. Spiniello was founded in 1922, and quickly became a leader in utility and heavy construction across the Northeastern United States. Today, FerraTex is the premier provider of tried and true products that have met the needs of even the most demanding trenchless pipe lining and pipe rehabilitation projects, carrying on the Spiniello tradition of legendary customer service and industry leadership.

Product Description:

FerraTex provides wet-out services on-premise at any of our five U.S. facilities, or on-site with our mobile wet-out system. With locations in New Jersey, Virginia, Florida, Tennessee and Nevada, we offer logistics advantages for customers across the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Each wet-out liner undergoes a rigorous quality assurance inspection. Once the liner is wet-out and quality-control inspections are complete, the resin-saturated liner is loaded into a climate-controlled trailer for delivery. Deliveries are tracked through GPS, and temperatures are monitored remotely. An additional mega trailer allows us to deliver larger liners that would otherwise require over the hole installation.

FerraTex’s depth and breadth of experience with advanced wet-out services enables us to guarantee a quality product, produced in a timely manner, and delivered on schedule.


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