Company Description:

Since 1999, Liner Products has led the way in manufacturing the highest quality CIPP tubes with an unparalleled commitment to the best customer service in the industry. From humble beginnings making tubes on tables and sawhorses out of an abandoned shoe factory, our small operation has grown into an ISO 9001:2008 certified 120,000 s.f. fully automated manufacturing facility employing several hundred personnel.

Product Description:

LP Dry is our traditional nonwoven felt tube product that has been the hallmark of Liner Products business since 1999.

LP Dry tubes are available in sizes ranging from 3-120 inches in diameter. Tube thicknesses are available in increments of .5 mm to give you precise control over liner thickness.

Each tube is specifically made to diameter, thickness, and length per the customer’s specifications. These customer specifications usually originate from measurements of the host pipe and structural design and analysis to calculate the required CIPP wall thickness design. Manufactured tubes are slightly undersized to allow the liner to expand to the pipe wall and minimize any wrinkling of the liner, particularly at bends and points where the diameter of the pipe may be substantially reduced (such as offset joints and areas of significant deflection).

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