Product Description:

mainstayblockUsed in aggressive industrial environments since 1962, the Mainstay Composite Liner is used to quickly restore deteriorated concrete and brick structures and provide long term corrosion protection.

The Mainstay Composite Liner consists of two products: the ML-72 mortar and the DS-5 Epoxy topcoat.

Mainstay ML-72 is a high strength restoration mortar that bonds tightly to properly prepared damp concrete and brick surfaces. Applied in a single application at thicknesses from 1/2″ to 5″, it restores deteriorated, rough surfaces, prevents water intrusion and provides a smooth, flat, dense surface.


This close-up photograph shows a cross section of ML-72 mortar (gray – on the bottom) and DS-4 Epoxy Coal Tar. Note that the two products are both physically interlocked and chemically bonded.

Immediately after finishing the ML-72 mortar, apply the Mainstay DS-5 Epoxy corrosion barrier at thicknesses up to 0.125″ (125 mils) in a single pass using an airless or centrifugal spray. For certain applications, either the high performance DS-6 Novolac Epoxy coating or the DS-4 Epoxy Coal Tar coating may be used in place of the workhorse DS-5 Epoxy topcoat.

This unique simultaneous application of the ML-72 mortar and any of these coatings results in a composite system with exceptional tear-away (pull off) strength and superior impact and abrasion resistance.

Additional Attachments:

Material Saftey Data Sheet – ML72

Material Saftey Data Sheet – DS-5A

Material Saftey Data Sheet – DS-5B