Product Description:

MainstayMainstay DS-5 is 100% solids epoxy coating that can be applied up to .125″ (125 mils) in one or two coats and is designed for use where corrosion is anticipated or known to be moderately aggressive (pH > 1.0, H2S < 100 ppm).   This High Build Epoxy Coating utilizes a unique, multi-component curing system that contributes to a number of superior properties: toughness, permanent flexibility, and improved chemical and temperature resistance.   DS-5 is also ideal for secondary containment applications where moderate concentrations of acids (ex: unlimited immersion in 30% sulfuric acid) exist.  Mainstay DS-5 is particularly well suited for use as a topcoat over Mainstay ML-72 Sprayable Microsilica Restoration Mortar.

Product Overview:

Coating Type 100% solids, chemically modified epoxy with a multi-component curing system
Packaging 4.5 gallon kits standard; special packaging available
Coverage Approximately 20 ft.2 per gallon at 80 mils or 12 ft.2 per kit at 125 mils, depending on the severity of the service environment, allowances should be made for waste
Mix Ratio 2 parts A to 1 part B by volume
Color White; custom colors available upon request
Working Time Approximately 45 minutes at 80º F

Additional Attachments:

Download the Madewell product detail sheet for additional information and data.

Material Safety Data Sheet – DS-5A

Material Safety Data Sheet – DS-5B