Product Description:

MainstayMainstay ML-72 is a special blend of portland cement, microsilica, thermoplastic fiber, densifers, admixtures, and other modifiers that produces a high strength, low shrinkage, and low permeability mortar for the rehabilitation of deteriorated concrete structures.  It is designed to be applied at 1/2″ to 5″ on vertical surfaces and produces an excellent adhesion to properly prepared existing concrete or brick surfaces.  It is often used to restore structural integrity, seal rough, deteriorated surfaces, and resist external hydrostatic water pressure.  In addition, Mainstay ML-72 is suitable for permanent water immersion service.

Product Overview:

Mortar Type Portland cement and natural siliceous aggregates enhanced with microsilica, polypropylene fibers, and various additives
Packaging 65 lb. bag, special packaging available
Mix Water Up to 1.3 gallons per bag
Yield 0.54 ft.3 when mixed correctly
Compressive Strength 10,000 psi in 28 days (ASTM C-109)
Shrinkage 0% after 28 days at 90% Rh (ASTM C-490)

Additional Attachments:

Download the Madewell product detail sheet for additional information and data.

Material Safety Data Sheet