Jennifer Young, Wilmington, NC


After my friends’ pick up truck was loaded with 4 sheets of plywood, a pallet and 24 bundles of shingles, I started to follow him to my house. We were on 1 of the busiest streets in Wilmington, NC during serious rush  hour, holiday traffic. At a stop light, my friend was slowly taking off and all of a sudden, all 4 sheets of plywood, the pallet and all the bundles come sliding right off the back of the truck into the street. I immediately stopped my car, put the flashers on and saw my friend calling 911 to get a cop to direct traffic. While doing this, his wife backed the truck up to the mess in the road. There was no possible way for any of us to reload the truck because of back problems. Then, by the grace of God, 3 angels came running out of nowhere, it seemed, and started loading the truck back up. While doing so, we were able to ask them where they were from and who they worked for. All three gentlemen, Raymond, David, and Todd, had the truck reloaded within 5 minutes, before a cop could even get there. We attempted to give them money for getting us out of a huge bind and all 3 absolutely refused, and we tried really hard to give it to them. They simply wished us a Merry Christmas and went back to where they came from. If it wasn’t for them, I probably would’ve had an ‘ugly’ cry moment, but instead, they put a smile on my heart. They are truly outstanding men who put my faith back into humanity and 3 men that your company should recognize and be grateful to have as employees.