Bruce Keener, Corman Construction, Chesterfield, VA

Thanks for the invitation and opportunity to attend your AutumnFest. I found it to be very informative and well organized. I learned many new things related to the industry. It was well worth the time invested to attend.

Dale, Property Owner, Tega Cay, SC

I just wanted to send you a quick thank you for taking time to talk to me yesterday about the repairs going on behind our house.  I appreciate your willingness to take time out of your schedule to explain what was going on to me.  Both you (Steve) and Bret were very helpful.  Your efforts were definitely appreciated.

Mark and Vivian, Property Owners, Tega Cay, SC

Your employee Steven Murray and his crew did an outstanding job on rebuilding our shoreline. We were completely amazed at the courtesy they had towards everyone. We have never seen a contractor working for a city anywhere that did their work to a level that this crew did. Everything looked better after they left.

Laurie Sepanski, Youth Volunteer Corps of Hampton Roads

Prism Contractors & Engineers, Inc. was a Gold Level sponsor of our Canstructure Contest!! We appreciate their support and interest in helping young people make a difference in our community!

Matt Poe, P.E., HRSD Project Manager, Newport News, VA

The event (AutumnFest) was great and very well put together. I got a lot of great info out of it and it was nice to be able to step outside and see demonstration’s as we went along. Great job!


Douglas Lang, James City Service Authority, James City County, VA

You hit the nail on the head the AutumnFest was fair and balanced the speakers and staff was pleasant and well informed. I felt that each person had enough time to talk about their product and the displays were fantastic. Thank you, I am looking forward to your next AutumnFest.

Diane Clarcq, Berkeley Realty Property Management

As an association manager, I must rely on credentialed professionals in many fields to accomplish my work each day.   I can count on Prism Contractors and Engineers to come through each and every time.   Thorough, timely, professional presentation of services.  I highly recommend this company for sewer, BMP, pipe structure evaluation, repair, and replacement.   Take advantage of their willingness to provide educational programs for residents, manager’s, Board of Directors!

Mark Tschirhart, York County School Division, Yorktown, VA

My name is Mark Tschirhart, I am the Associate Director for Capital Plans and Projects for York County School Division. I enjoyed working with David Reaves and several of the other engineers on the Tabb Middle School Bus and Vehicle Parking Project. Although the scope and location of the project was changed several times, Prism was very flexible and produced a very good set of plans. They also visited the site multiple times to insure that construction was following the approved plans. We look forward to working with them on future civil engineering projects.

Herb Maher

Of all the hundreds of trainings and hundreds of thousands of students that I’ve trained, your employees are absolutely incredible!  To sit for twelve hours and NOT one negative attitude in the group is absolutely unheard of.  In the thirty-nine years of conducting trainings, I’ve never seen such positive behavior.

Jim Councill, Franklin, VA

Neither rain, sleet, nor SNOW can keep these dedicated professionals from serving their customers and clients. How great to count on Prism when you need help!