Jason Mitchell, Virginia Municipality

Over the past thirteen years, I have worked directly with David Reaves, President of Prism Contractors & Engineers, Inc., his experience in the wastewater industry and desire to offer quality service has been exceptional. My experience with Prism Contractors & Engineers has been outstanding – their attention to detail and desire to offer the most competitive cost for their customers and retain the highest level of quality control sets Prism apart from their competition.  I highly recommend their company without hesitation and look forward to working with them in the future.

Carlos Viteri, Viteri Construction Management, Inc., Newport News, VA

Prism provided engineering and construction services to one of our recent projects and we are very pleased with their performance.  The level of customer service was outstanding and they were very knowledgeable and professional at all times.  I highly recommend Prism Contractors & Engineers, Inc.

Jim Councill, Franklin, VA

For months, intermittently, I have had sewer backup and the Public Works Department had been unable to fix the problem.  Four times the toilet had overflowed.  Finally, Prism Contractors & Engineers, Inc. was called in to evaluate the problem which was on the city side.  First, they televisioned and inspected the line to the main, found tree roots, and a broken line.  Second, they cleaned all the roots and broken pieces out.  Third, they slip buried the pipe from my property into the main.  For the first time in years my plumbing works perfectly.

A perfect job by Prism made us very happy.  Technology and experience are a beautiful thing!

Danny Poe, James City Service Authority, James City County, VA

Prism Contractors & Engineers, Inc. has been providing sanitary sewer pipeline cleaning and Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) inspection services to James City Service Authority (JCSA) since 2010. They have provided quality service for a reasonable price. Their videos are clear and their PACP reports accurate. Their frequent reporting of project status is appreciated.  When significant deficiencies are discovered in the field Prism advises JCSA promptly so action can be taken quickly. Prism is very responsive to requests, and is always attentive to project needs and owner inquiries. Their staff conducts themselves professionally and courteously in the field and interacts well with the public as necessary. I would recommend Prism without hesitation.

Russell L. Pace, City of Franklin, VA

Prism Contractors & Engineers, Inc. was first contracted by the City of Franklin Department of Public Works in May of 2006 to solely provide for our engineering and design needs. Since then Franklin has successfully completed several large and medium projects with Prism at the helm. The difference between Prism and the corporate A&E firms is personal involvement at every level from start to finish. Prism over the years has also provided services for Franklin City Public Schools, the Office of Community Development, and Franklin Redevelopment and Housing Authority.

David Reaves and the Prism team put their names on every project they do.  They deliver accurate and quality products every time and save our taxpayers money. That’s the bottom line.

Ralph Patterson, City of Williamsburg, VA

Prism Contractors & Engineers, Inc. has provided us quality services over the years. Prism’s ability to communicate effectively and provide daily updates keeps me informed of progress, problems and long term project progress.  Prism’s ability to complete difficult and complex rehabilitation within our sanitary sewer system in a time sensitive manner was crucial to meeting our State required mandates.  I look forward to working with Prism again in the future.