Prism Installs 15″ and 18″ CIPP at the JCC Courthouse

Last week, Prism’s lining crew installed 93.3 LF of 15″ and 73 LF of 18″ CIPP for Henry S. Branscome at the JCC Courthouse.

Prism Installs 12″ and 15″ CIPP in New Town

Our lining crew is in town this week lining for George Nice & Sons Inc. On Tuesday they installed 44.3 LF of 15″ and 28.2 LF of 12″.

Prism Rehabs 24′ Deep Wet Well for George Nice and Sons

This week one of Prism’s manhole crews epoxied a 6′ wide 24′ deep Wet Well in Williamsburg, VA for George Nice and Sons.   Prism applied 125 mils of Mainstay DS-5 100% Solids Epoxy Coating.  Mainstay DS-5 is designed for use where corrosion is anticipated or known to be moderately aggressive (pH > 1.0, H2S < 100 ppm).  Visit Our Suppliers page for more information about the products we use.

Prism Installs 1250′ of 12″ CIPP in Tega Cay, SC

Prism’s Lining Crew installed 1250′ of 12″ CIPP in Tega Cay, SC with over 4500′ of bypass.


Prism Installs Mainline CIPP in Durham, NC

Over the past two weeks, Prism’s Mainline Lining Crew has been busy installing 15″-36″ CIPP in Durham, NC.  In addition to significant cost savings, these liners will eliminate root intrusion and prevent inflow and infiltration.


No Job Is Too Small!

President, David Reaves can now add BobCat Operator to his already impressive resume.  Teamwork at its finest!

Prism Installs T-Liners in Virginia Beach

The Prism Team has utilized Trenchless Rehab as a methodology for I&I reduction for multiple Hampton Roads Customers over the past several years.  In January, the Prism Team installed 5 LMK T-Liners in Virginia Beach for HRSD.

Prism President Presents at JCC VSMP Seminar

Prism’s President, David Reaves presented at the Virginia Stormwater Program Management (VSMP) Seminar hosted by James City County on December 15th.  David spoke on the importance of Post Installation Inspection of Storm Pipe and Structures per DEQ VSMP requirements.  If you are interested in learning about out CCTV services please visit our Services page or contact Michelle Krewinghaus at